Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media has hit the world by storm over the recent years. It comes in many different forms including Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Knowing where to start on your journey into social media marketing can be confusing.

Social Media allows a business to directly contact and interact with existing and new customers. One example of Social Media in action is a YouTube Channel for a Tour Operator. What better way to showcase the adventure than immersing a potential customer in a movie. Another example of YouTube in work would be a fashion warehouse getting its latest catwalk design straight to the customer.

Outlets such as Twitter & Facebook are a great way to communicate to existing customers when product specials are occurring or perhaps a once-off event.

The Online Marketing Company can set-up and maintain your social media outlets. We create your social media to be branded, interactive and most importantly they will keep you "top of mind" with your customers. We consult with you to get the best performance out of your Social Media Network.


Types Of Social Media Marketing...

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Business Pages

Create Facebook Business pages and run competitions for people to like you or simply connect to new customers by people who have liked you and pass it on to their friends.

Set-Up $99

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising allows you to target specific demographics. Get you products in front of a large audience who are interested in exaclty what you to. Targeting to demographics is an extremely valuable tool as those that like doing what you do are more likely to purchase or use your service than someone who doesn't - simple enough.

Set-Up $99

Google+ Social Media Marketing

Google+ Accounts

Google+ is fast becoming a popular social media network for obvious reasons - its Google... Here you can create business listings, connect with circles of people and directly get your products to the people looking for it.

Set-Up $99

Google+ Local (Google Places)

Google Places creates map listings on Google Maps and are an excellent avenue for when people are mobile and on the go searching for exactly your service or product.

Set-Up $99

YouTube Social Media Marketing

YouTube Channels

YouTube Channels are the perfect way to visualise your product. You can showcase your products in a real and interactive way to new and existing clients. YouTube can often go viral and be seen by millions of people. Get creative and make your YouTube Channel one to watch.

Set-Up $99

Twitter Social Media Marketing


Twitter is interactive and can be quite demanding with your time. It offers customer and clients the opportunity to speak directly to you and ask questions regarding your products. Twitter is also a great way to get specials and once off products out instantaneously to the world.

Set-Up $49

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing


LinkedIn creates an online profile that allows you to network with other businesses, people and to create a group of contacts that you can interact and network within your field of expertise or contact businesses or people which services you need or require.

Set-Up $49

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